Tuesday, June 16, 2020

IP Camera


 The internetbaiCamera IP Camera: a camera-network until turning over the netduLine IP networkzhiTransmit signals, disconnected to the network,
  Pu through monitoring control camera CCTV analog camera: providing an analog signal,
network camera IP Camera = normal surveillance cameras CCTV  camera in delhi + network video server
  network camera IP Camera fully digital processing technology, the CCD sensor image acquisition, After the analog-to-digital conversion, the digital signal is output. If a CMOS sensor (integrated analog-to-digital conversion and DSP) is used, the digital signal can be directly output, and the subsequent processing and transmission all use digital signals. This fully digital processing method does not need to undergo several conversions between analog and digital, thereby avoiding the image quality loss that may result from multiple conversions. The all-digital interface is adopted to avoid signal interference and transmission distance limitation.
  Common monitoring analog camera CCTV analog camera, a CCD sensor of image acquisition. Through the CCD camera for analog-to-digital conversion, image processing (internal DSP), digital-to-analog conversion, and finally output analog signals. The image output by the camera can be used for different applications, such as being connected to the matrix and displaying through video switching; it can also be connected to the DVR for digital storage; it can also be connected to the DVS and compressed for transmission through the IP network.
  Analog cameras are relatively mature in technology and very rich in variety, and their applications are quite common. However, if you want to achieve long-distance transmission, you need to resort to other equipment, such as optical transceivers or video servers. The integration of the network camera is high, and it can be directly connected to the IP network to realize the network transmission of the video. For single-point network access, network cameras are more cost-effective than analog cameras + video servers.

Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Spycam role in our life

Spycam is a type of camera that can record videos without knowledge of people.hidden camera is a synonym for spycam which is used on television. Spycam is generally used when we have to record the object as an invasion of privacy.
Sometime spycam is visible with a specific warning too, generally, it is not visible. Its installation is just like that.its long-focus lens placed beyond the object.
Spycam can be used as a household security device and as a commercially or industrially too.
There are many Wireless CCTV cameras are available on the market. everyone wants hassle-free installation nowadays.so wireless CCTV cameras play an important role in today's CCTV world.
Spycam is also can be used as wireless or wired. A person can connect a wire to view a recording such as VCR, DVR, NVR, on the other hand wireless spycam can send a signal to a receiver within a small radius.
Wireless spycam DO not record internal memory, but it can be viewed elsewhere. Wireless CCTV cameras can transmit online so that it can be accessed remotely too through a monitor.
Wireless CCTV camera world is rapidly growing day by day. Spycam manufacturers are producing very tiny cameras, large storage, and remote control too.
There is some popular spycam used as:
1.USB spycam: IT looks like just regular USB but there can be spycam inside it .and someone can continuously watching you too. The camera is generally located on the stick of it, opposite to plug.
2.WI-fi AC adaptor spycam: They are a fully functional camera.it looks like ac adaptor but it can come with wire and wireless too. It can be plugged into the wall like a mill wall wart.
3.Bathroom tissue box spy camera: It is again the same as toilet paper dispensers but looks carefully. there could be a pinhole camera inside it.
4.Smoke detector spy camera: the smoke detector is a perfect choice for spycam.as it is installed on a high roof and it can take a wide-angle lens. many locations use this smoke detector nowadays as spycam.
5.cellphone charger spycam: this device can be plug into a wall pretending like a regular charger. but it is fully functional USB charger cum spycam.
6. sports shoes hidden camera: last but not least.sneakers are a place which you can look at as spycam. they look like regular shoes but tiny cameras embedded in one of the tongues.
Now you can see spycam can come in various forms.
So Spycam is not a rare thing to find nowadays .it can play many roles for us:
*keeping eye on maids or nanny
*Monitoring your employees
*protecting your business
*monitoring your hotel room etc.

Tuesday, May 12, 2020

WIreless Camera "Need of the today"

Wireless CCTV cameras, why do you need it??
This is the question everyone asks when they want to buy a cctv camera for their security.
And here we are going to tell you all the advantages of a wireless cctv cameras.
1.     Hassel free installation: as the name suggests wireless cameras are used with connecting any wire so its installation is easy quick and hassle free.
2.     Options: wireless CCTV cameras come with a wide variety of options
a.     Fixed viewing angel indoor camera
b.     Fixed viewing angel outdoor camera
c.     Rotation cameras for indoor
d.     Rotation cameras for outdoor
All these products come with SD card and audio options so what else do you want.
3.     Works without any recorder: nowadays most IP cameras with wireless feature come with inbuilt SD memory card slot. Which means you can insert a memory card and record everything in the camera itself. And retrieve the recording on your mobile whenever needed.
4.     Best suitable for house where wiring is not possible, if you have just finished your interiors and forgot to put security camera wiring, wireless cameras are what you are looking for.
5.     DIY: yes the wireless CCTV cameras are DIY(do it yourself) products so no need to hire a professional to install it so here you same money.
6.     Best suitable for home, small offices and shops.
7.     There are some wireless spycam as well which are perfect to catch that thief without getting the camera in notice.
8.     Plug and play:  most wireless IP cameras are now with plug and play feature which means you just switch it on and ready to go.
9.     Easy to remove or change the place of the camera whenever needed, as we mentioned it’s a DIY product so you can just pick up your wireless camera and move it anywhere to secure your new area.
10.  Supports audio: most wireless cctv cameras support two way audio which means you can communicate with the person in front of camera or warn that person on your screen.
So we have discussed a few points for why you should go for a wireless camera but we would like to also point out a few disadvantages of these cameras type.
1.     Not suitable for big projects normally wireless cameras are suitable for installation upto 4-6 cameras only for more than that wired cctv cameras are advised.
2.     WiFi is a must: you need to have a WiFi in the place where you are putting these cameras so no WiFi may mean you need to setup a Wifi network before setting it up.
3.     Need a power point nearby the camera: sometimes it’s a challenge to find a powerpoint near the installation point.
4.     Limited feature: wireless CCTV cameras have limited feature and options compared to the wired Professional Security cameras.
5.     Its little difficult to find a perfect solution for your requirement as there are many inferior Wifi Cameras in the market(we have linked a few good models for your reference)

Monday, May 11, 2020

Advantages of having CCTV camera

Given the current conditions in the world, with all the riots, crimes, protests and chaos that are taking place almost everywhere in our country today, it has become necessary to constantly be on the move. We and our properties are becoming increasingly vulnerable to these dangerous problems. It is recommended to remain vigilant. But God forbid, if something unpleasant happens, no one will be vigilant enough to see the script and discover the reasons and causes! What if you want to search for clues later? Who will come and tell the whole story as an eyewitness? Will it be possible to discover the people who launched it? How easy will it be to find evidence? For CCTV cameras in delhi, the answer to all of the above questions is YES!
CCTV recordings are always the first priority to check in case of an unexpected and unpleasant event. Video surveillance remains hanging on the wall and observes, observes and records everything that happens around it. These are the main advantages of wireless CCTV cameras and why installation is currently required:
1. Recording from a CCTV camera could become the most reliable evidence after the crime scene. It literally puts the whole situation before us! Companies like Hikvision and Dahua manufacture the cameras with high definition video recording quality, providing very clear evidence.
2. Silently monitor all nearby activities and store the recording on a hard drive located elsewhere. If the camera is damaged or stolen, the record and evidence remain out of the author's reach. In such circumstances, Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) also play an important role. Hikvision has an amazing range of products designed for this purpose!
3. We know that when someone sees and looks, you become more aware. Even when no one is there, many illegal activities can be prevented simply by installing a CCTV camera on premises. For fear of being caught, a malicious person cannot even move forward while looking at the camera.
4. You can be careful to keep an eye on your home / business even when you are not there. This has been possible with IP cameras. Companies like Dahua, CP Plus and Hikvision offer a wide range of these cameras.
5. The installation of video surveillance cameras has become a sensible task. CCTV camera dealers will inform you about the best cameras for home security without getting hurt.nowadays there are plenty of SPYCAM too available in market which can be used as other detector for you

Alternatives to video surveillance, such as spy cameras, are also available on the market. The spy camera would be a hidden camera, used primarily to secretly capture a stage. You must choose Spycams if you want to capture a meeting or pre-programmed situation.